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Beer & Cellar Hygiene Audit is a cellar audit designed by Cask Marque to benchmark and improve the key areas of cellar management and bar dispense

There are 11 key areas – such as stock rotation, cooling equipment, line cleaning and glass washing – that are assessed

A star rating is then calculated, with 5 being the highest accolade and 1 being the lowest

Our interactive map shows every current establishment awarded between 3 and 5 stars

Download the BCHA Form

Each pub receives a sticker showing their star rating (if they score 4 or 5 stars)

The sticker includes an expiry date on it that is one year after the assessment

Individual and group summary reports are emailed

Sites that would benefit from further training are highlighted

If twinned with Cask Marque audit, the cost is just £25+VAT per site

Cellar audits have the potential to identify many issues before they escalate, and recognise where additional staff training might be desirable

They can serve as on-the-spot training, making sure staff are aware of best practice

Remedial action can reduce the cost of Technical Services callouts, as our Assessors can advise whether a callout is necessary or whether the problem can be resolved there and then

Pubs with a 5-star rating maximise yields and beer quality, which results in increased profits

There is a positve correlation between collective BCHA cellar ratings and Cask Marque pass rates

Does the general public care about cellar cleanliness? When it comes to food hygiene, a survey by found that 91% of consumers said they’d always or often choose to eat somewhere with the highest ratings of 4 or 5. Clearly, consumers value transparency and urgency where health standards are concerned, and we believe that beer standards are no different

We work with some of the most dynamic pub companies in the country, delivering cellar audits and reporting our findings back

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Pub Company? Running your own pub or bar? If you’re interested in carrying out a BCHA, email us on or call us on 01206 752212

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